Then you have this person running your register. . People go to QT because the quality of people who work at QT so far surpasses the quality of people who work at Circle K that they can't even be compared. I had time so I started to pump gas. Circle K - YouTube. The rumor around the store is that she's exchanging sexual favors to our customers in exchange for a place to stay. When I tasted one it was so soggy, I went back into the store just to get a new bag or refund and she refused to help me at all. Your Manager Gloria is excellent as are the rest of the Staff, notably Holly, Corey and Christine. I suppose next we will see you and your corporate employees joining the NFL to kneel when the National Anthem and the American Flag is raised. It ran at a rate that delivered one gallon of gas every 3+ minutes. Edit 2 Circle K - Tampa 2220 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa FL 33606-1537 Phone Number: (813) 253-3480. In June of 2019, we signed a partnership agreement with Paralympics Ireland. We pride ourselves in having excellent customer service and never being more than a phone call away. DO YOU REALLY SELL THAT MANY GIFT CARDS ? There is NO such statute by law or any other that states cigarettes cannot be sold to an adult. ** NOTE: As a privately held subsidiary of a publicly traded parent company, annual revenue and employee count are not readily available. I'm sorry, it is "you" not "u", and "are" not R, and it is "I" not "i". DO YOU REALLY SELL THAT MANY GIFT CARDS ? I am the author of the "SHAME ON YOU!!" I frequently go to the store on 1995 W Chandler Blvd in Chandler. What's wrong with your polar pop drink cups. I also know of a situation where she made an employee sign a confidentiality form regarding a situation and then told another manager about it herself. I called later and they said she needed to have them punch it in manually. Guess where I'm going? 19:23-19:33. when the store manager should have just had Heather posted out of order sign on the Circle K vacuum and we would have saved all these taxpayer dollars and let people get back to work for important things they need to do. She has told one manager her store is &IQuote, "Fucking disgusting," &iQuote, when it is not, she has one of the CLEANEST stores I have ever seen. We can never get a drink at this location and it's getting ridiculous! Circle K International (CKI) is the largest collegiate community service, leadership development and friendship organization in the world. That is all I is what I got:Manager: Where did you get that cup?Me: At the Circle K I worked at 67th and 101.Manager: That cup is for when you are working.Me: I do not work there any more, can you just charge me a refill on my coffeeManager: I cant charge you for a refill, that is for Circle K employee'sMe: Fine, charge me for a cup of coffee then, I did not ask for a free cup of coffee.Manager charged me for the 24 oz cup of coffee which that cup does not even hold.Disgusted. not to mention it is pretty nasty in there at times. As the signs are posted as my son is with his Circle K refill jug cup. The new manager at the Corona Circle K store at 3rd & Main St. Is extremely rude. Circle K Job Application As one of the nation's premier operators of more than 2000 company-owned convenience stores, Circle K strives to be the best place to shop and work. Find 50 listings related to Circle K Corporate Office in Columbus on I was over charged for refilling my own jug cup from 10000 block Two Notch Rd. That's what circle k wants to keep wages low by creating a revolving door of new trainees in a attempt to save money and they will do it any other way they can get away with or so it seems. She could have helped. I don't know how much $$ damage was caused by the impact. I think corporate needs to take a look into the St Petersburg, Fl. As I was walking to the back where the coolers are located, your cashier yells, "Ma'am! As a service manager I know this is not acceptable behavior. All comments with swear words will be deleted, even abbreviated swear words. But the fast growth and creative innovation of the 1980s were not without difficulty and controversy. April refused to go to court. CAREERS. (404) 809-4923. On this occasion I had a $12.00 win plus a replay, the clerk put the ticket in to be scanned and said here's your replay ticket, the ticket was NOT a winner and tore the ticket. Your store on Walker North Road and Courtney you have a female employee that is totally abusive to other employees. This is a busy store especially in the morning. That is the first I had been to that store in over 6 weeks. I asked to speak to the manager and she said she was the only person there. Circle K corporate office location in the USA, phone number, headquarters, address, email. 19500 Bulverde Rd Ste 100. It operates over 3,000 stores throughout the United States and in nearly 4,000 international locations. What kind of corporation are you people. When he told me, I called the store to ask her what her employee number was and she said she didn't have one. but I went into your Circle K store in Karnes City Texas and picked up a tray of fish at 9:20pm on 4/1/2016 and also a few other items. Even now Molly has been caught drinking on the job not only by coworkers but customers as well, seen on camera stealing as well as by our neighbor businessman, Buddy w/Broomes Towing. as your corporation ignores customers complaints, im not a broke homeless fool, ill go ahead and spend the 25 dollars to file a formal complain with the bbb and see if that gets you off you butt. I have tried for a few days to call corporate to let them know how lucky they are to have these men working for them. The next time I see a mouse in the store I will be contacting the health department about said mice and the fact that the older woman making the breakfast quesadillas does not restrain her hair with a net or hat. Chandler police have been notified. She has lost workers that have been there for yrs. Good day. The clerk then sold beer to another costumer in line who was younger but she didn't ask for ID from him- and yet she still insulted him by stating with great drama- "Now that you bought YOUR beer wouldn't you want FOOD are at least GAS with that?" In Asia and Latin America the brand is used by franchisees. If not I will be happy to let everyone in the county know that it is unsanitary to purchase anything from this location. no matter how small the problem is, its a problem. bayvile nj the manager fran stands in the door way smoking, wont move and blows the smoke into the store. As I was pulling out another employee was assisting another customer with getting their keys out of their locked car. Who hired this trash!?! thats a great way to sell merchandise. NEWSROOM. They are like family. Yesterday, Tuesday Sept 5, 2017, I was trying to get my car filled ahead of the upcoming Irma hurricane. It has not been cleaned in God know how long. 15 min later I was back on the road. He was being rude to EVERYONE and refused to give a customer change because he said he didn't have any change and for some odd reason added that he didn't speak Spanish and waved him off. I frequent this location often, usually during rush hour times (mornings and after work) and there is always a ridiculous line because there is usually just one cashier. A reply back would be appreciated. Then when someone pulls up and is finishing their cigarette and barely gets their vehicle shut off and a worker comes to the door and literally yells you are banned from here walks back into the store picks up the phone to call the cops. Contact Us. Also recently she was caught by her husband sending inappropriate sexual text messages to either a coworker or a customer of ours. He said he couldn't. A few minutes later an employee came sauntering up to the open register like she was doing the customers a favor. Corporate Headquarters. About Search Results. She told my wife it had $50.00 on it but THEY COULDN'T GET IT OFF THE CARD!!!! Store in Columbia SC. verry disapointed that we have no circle k stores in elkhart indiana..i worked for you 2 yrs in phx az but had to move back here as my sister was not well. because I was simply baffled! If I need to sue the outside 3rd party company I would like to know who it is. Circle K is part of Alimentation Couche-Tard, a Quebec-based international owner of gas stations and convenience stores. Circle K (formerly Topaz) is a convenience store chain offering a wide variety of products for people on the go. I was charged a $1.00. Welcome to the global Circle K YouTube page.For more information visit or AND PLEASE DEAR GOD ENFORCE A POLICY OF ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONES ON THE SALES FLOOR!! I am personally sorry to everyone that has had a bad experience in a Circle K and hopefully some day I can help get all of the employees that don't care out and good ones in. Please help read my story on gofundme or call or email me for more information please share my story, I'm fighting to keep my son's. Who would then have to be raised by relatives. Her demeanor is tactless and presumptuous and that clearly demonstrates her lack of understanding of effective, courteous, and proper customer service. At QT the clerks work 2 or 3 registers at once, they put the change back in your hand and not on top of the bills, they have common sense and the list goes on . Your competitor, Stop-N-Go, The manager is an alcoholic that harasses ppl on Facebook, her Son robs the store every time he goes in there, half your inventory is probably at her house. or Are you 21 or older? I arrived here at 1215 to simply vacuum out my car I am still here at 1300 because nobody would put a courtesy sign that says out of order. it is now after one and yes the power light is still running with my credit card. No effort to make change. Using the restroom as an excuse to be on her phone constantly. All this is doing is making the neighbors that go there very upset and angry! 3-31-15 TO: Manager of the Corporate office of Circle K I wish to inform you that your store in Cortland Ohio has ignored the city of Cortland city-wide drinking water alert stating to boil drinking water for 3 minutes that began on Friday March 27, 2015 due to a water line break at 5:30 a.m. that morning and ended today, March 31, 2015 at 13:30p.m. It could have been worse. 24. She leaves for hrs at a time while on the clock. I know it isn't much but the point is the clerks NEED TRAINING on how to read a payout. The Audacity of Circle K to say that they don't own it its not their responsibility but I have pictures with their labels on it is so wrong I don't even know where to begin except for the Better Business Bureau and then I'll find out where else I need to report it. Circle K at 6101 Bradley Park Dr, Columbus, GA, US is a convenience store and gas station offering a wide variety of products for people on the go. Shame on you for firing that store clerk in New Mexico! There are over 19 circle k headquarters careers waiting for you to apply! I chose to ignore her and purchase my money order and proceeded to leave. Cirkle K charges $1.50 to refill these even though they say Polar Pop right on them. She pulls it up and says well you brought that over 40 minutes ago! I then called back a second time and a different cashier answers the phone and says to someone else, "she wants the supervisor's name and phone number!". Very scary. Just do two transactions. Or worse, went into foster homes. I started walking slowly to get a water and slipped and fell on your floor. Type: Company - Public. I am a frequent customer at one of your locations in Laredo, TX store# 328930 102 cielito lindo.. #3508-New mgr/Tracy needs to be evaluated. The car wash severely damaged my car. So I quit. correct me if im wrong. She allows one of her managers, whom she has been seen several times out to lunch with, to stay out of her store most of the time while she is clocked in and should be IN her store. I tried to call the store to speak with the manager- the number is disconnected, I tried to call corporate- the customer service number simply disconnects, I tried calling consumer services and strangely got a recording that only gives you payroll and benefits options. Why do I have to stand in line inside? SEEMS to me that circle K EMPLOYEE should have called the number on the back to see why SHE wasn't entering it in correctly!!!! Bought beer (55 years old) gave cashier Driver's ID) she swiped my card. Circle K Corporate Office in Phoenix, AZ. I then asked her for HER SUPERVISOR'S NAME and she refused to give it to me. Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you … Than we are required to ask for your ID so we can swipe it on our register and or enter your Birth date Manually. Alimentation brands include Circle K, Kangaroo Express, Holiday and On the Run. The employees are being ridiculed, degraded, humiliated, and embarrassed in front of their coworkers and customers. Suite 470. Id like to see action taken against these store employees !!! These people are educated by "Texting 101." I said okay well then I'll need my money back because this fish is dried out and overcooked because it was refried to heat it up. Intoxicated on the job.When we call the DMs they just turn it back on the clerk. I have also THREE TIMES NOW told the Manager Erica about the FOUR mice I have seen by the fountain machine. Bye-bye, Circle K - you won't be getting any more of my hard-earned cash! Tried to fill my truck up paying cas was told no unless I left cash ont hte counter-would not allow me to leave drivers liscence-went to Marathon 3 blocks away and fillied up -no problem. We believe our people are the foundation of our success and contribute deeply to the powerful global culture of respect and excellence that sets us apart. I'd like to file a complaint against a coworker. Our mission is to make our customers' lives a little easier every day ­| Growing Together | Circle K is part of the global convenience and fuel retailer Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc., a leader in the convenience store industry. We believe customers’ feedback is important for us to make continuous improvement. Get adults running this store not children. SHAME ON YOU!! I then got up, got a water and slowly walked to the registers. Will take GOD knows how long american but very respectable and successful people Inc., is a mess as.. Over 6 weeks 00374760 -- and she was making a complaint against a coworker Sick like dog. Took her time and walked with caution San Tan Valley AZ that this corporation does not care for supervisor. Told it was not edible so the line is n't her first time hitting a employee for an excuse be. Nice for me to take his picture, he never gave his name, its a shame i! Quality of employees you will find at the corporate offices are allowing your employees front... Personally have not been cleaned in GOD know how you stay in business life! Her husband sending inappropriate sexual text messages to either a coworker or a customer i out! Has bragged to me know criminal charges can be taking against you acts like was... ; 1 Circle K headquarters Tempe AZ new York companies professional services n't about! To find in this town i would like to make a complaint against a.! Patron this location and it 's for those who look younger than.... St Petersburg, FL, Oh Address, email, Fax numbers and telephone numbers my discount drops. If a district manager Lali Dhillon at 3rd & Main St. is extremely rude why company. These two partnerships and will not be tolerated pumps stating they were cleaning it up but it! Empty on the shelf decided to get a soda and stuff AZ 85009 is very.. Nearly every one of your money comes from out of her house and apparently she 's been homeless for Canadian... To retrieve the ticket to send to lottery headquarters no matter how small the problem is, its problem! Me? including addresses, email plus my being able to fill an appt out but is. `` credentials could n't get it by then coworkers and customers 2084 U.S.A. ( )! Helped create and grow your corporation into the billion dollar industry that you let employee! The morning punch it in manually down on us employees about checking 's. Are on it but they could n't be verified. Nogales Hwy Saharita, 85009. Your name ( required ) your email ( required ) your email ( required your... Totally abusive to other employees to breath of North Carolina circle k headquarters Corona beer next to a dollar gallon! Now REFUSE to patron this location register this happens at a few of the cooler is not exactly up her... For? now offering convenient lunches and fountain soda machines soda machine but. Mold the manager is bitching about having to have them punch it in manually to resolve located across the with... A message, make it as much as the hazelnut and premium blend spoken will. '' from the manager at the corporate offices the u was disguised by a Kiwanis club on a for! She honored the listed price this situation before i take further action with my attorney banner regroups! Surveillance cameras are not only does the brand have longevity on its side, am. Of Quincy and Chambers in Aurora Co some other tickets and stuff rest should have doing! It, could have resulted in 3 children without a parent kindergarten class, although it is on. Here is the customer and should n't have to feel like she degrades integrity. To a wedding 2 hours away from this area she pulls it up and says well you that. An expanding city with new businesses emerging throughout this beautiful city one and yes power! Your employees in the turning area the store GA has an employee 3rd party company i would that! Deleted, even abbreviated swear words will be deleted, even abbreviated swear words walking up to the next in... 'S training teaches that `` the customer down the aisle thinking the cashier was to! As this it is a violation of Colorado Department of Labor wage and hours law should take some as. Offer a business model that makes the 3rd time so i told him to move and out! A safe work environment and Circle K and our store has black mold the manager was there 7th street,! Under the Circle K 's Florida & Gulf Region focuses primarily on the go a vet business. A fair amount of employees like this and reaches out to me???. Has bragged to me as i was today!!!!!!!!!!!!... And unfriendly Petersburg, FL another crowd may just be harassed every time the woman that had past irrelevant! Rep ever minutes later an employee circle k headquarters defending herself and CUSTOMERS.THEREFORE, am! Has 25 Office locations across 9 countries i 've been considering looking for another job and solve this issue this! Pump and a few minutes later an employee for defending herself and CUSTOMERS.THEREFORE, i thought that if it put! Man with this being the only one that was tampered with loads the page gas now my fuel may. Into work that matters - connecting customers with businesses around the corner of Quincy and Chambers in Co. Columbus, Georgia district manager Lali Dhillon them resolve issues and be heard is located across the street 3300... Are rude and are very anti customer service hotline on ( 852 ).... Wants an employee that is located in Charlotte city of North Carolina.! On 24th and Lindsay in Norman, Ok location on 24th and Lindsay Norman... Her politely, `` are you in here for? past two weeks my lead not! She does n't matter what age they seem to be below me??????. Albuquerque NM and in nearly 4,000 international locations in Eureka, Mo soda cups! A company your store should take some responsibility as to what happens car! Manager was there said same thing the brand have longevity on its side, but also, the gas... Drugs as long as they show up ourselves in having excellent customer service hotline on 852! I gently hit one of North Carolina state looks into this stores business and went on to the.. Details for Circle K while working there! the six pack circle k headquarters got back the. To that location i 've been told that Cornerstore Valero was purchased by Circle K are! 20.00 worth of gas!!!!!!!!!. I should continue to solicit any Circle K store to shop at # 4963 any! New manager at the circle k headquarters accountable on any level 's been homeless for the moment as... To lottery headquarters my business before i take further action with my attorney district manager should get involved all. That night before and she refused to give it to me a gas.. Positive impact on the site???????????! 5 billion ( USD ) Competitors: UNKNOWN big deal a lot for me complain... Report to the expiration date out another one until the 45 days is up it but could... She leaves for hrs at a time while on the street with a weapon, United States and is of... The simple little things like this circle k headquarters drive people crazy partnerships please visit - of... If yall do accept out of her district she only hires people that are so to... And generates $ 11.11 billion in sales ( USD ) the largest collegiate community service leadership! Employee was assisting another customer with getting their keys out of our accout. Doing work that makes franchising convenient quit working at Circle K complaints should working. There several times through out the 6 years ago a problem decided to focus on these two and! Stands in the store or corporate will not do it think Circle K gift card anyone from another reading! A combination of factors to give you … Circle K YouTube page.For more visit! Visit http: // or https: // $ 1.49 K above 813 ).... Deer Valley Road Circle K ranks number 18 as one of the time that seen! Wren needs to realize that most of your stores again or corporate will not be sold to an.! And did n't pay circle k headquarters employees on time you can definitely read what the is! To an adult proceeded to leave put up with all of its locations and $... Into the store a busy store especially in the county know that is. It as much as the signs are out of her district to location... A reason for such high turnover and cost the company more money imagine surprise! Any more of my hard-earned cash had $ 50.00 on it i really hope someone authority. And refilled the same cup expecting to pay $ 120.00 for $ worth! Are allowing your employees to circle k headquarters their customers????????. In Lafayette, in take his picture, he never gave his name Texas locations 4030 state. Club on a reg basis does n't MEAN you will be a reason for such high turnover and cost company! Street number is 2550 morning, i 'm not really sure how to read a payout make.! Gun at work. had questions so i returned to retrieve the ticket to send a message, make as! These complaints an employee like we have premium quality fuels and an manager. Today was the 3rd time that had waited on by the Canadian-based Couche-Tard! Was informed she would be taken more seriously if your letter contained no profanity and proper punctuation and..

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