The production company for Novoland: Eagle Flag is Linmon Pictures (though Jiang Nan’s Linlong Media, along with Tencent and Youku, also invested in the drama), which caused some backlash in the beginning among book fans as they don’t have the greatest track record with historical dramas. How many episodes are there? Xiao Zhou is a child that Lv Gui Chen rescues, and has a pretty important place in the story because she has a very unique background. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The production team did confirm at the recent advanced viewings of the drama that Jiang Nan himself approved all major changes from the book to drama adaptation. If anything, the cast seems even more impressive now than it did back in 2017 because they’ve all just continued to build up their resumes and are still playing leads. Among the many published works, it is Jiang Nan’s Novoland: Eagle Flag series that has been the most well received by both critics and fans. He is one of the Four Great Generals of the Eastern Land, and thus is one of the leaders in the Battle at Shangyang Pass. He will never forget the kindness that others have shown him. Book fans were ecstatic about the casting choice. Rumors about "Novoland:Eagle Flag" are swirling all over weibo. However, he also belongs to an older generation of actors who haven’t been fond of the way the industry has been trending in recent years, and openly declared in early 2017 that he would never act with a “little fresh meat”, because he said he simply couldn’t deal in scenes with them (implying lack of acting skills) and would rather turn down the project. When the script was being written, the production team and head scriptwriter Jiang Nan (also the author of the original novels) agreed to use Lv Gui Chen’s perspective in telling the story. Episode 1. Lü Guichen is the heir of the nomadic Qingyang tribe, and is sent to the Eastern Land as hostage. Zhang Zhiyao is more known for his roles in period idol dramas and is considered to be one of the original “pretty boy” actors in historicals, but the passing of time looks good on him. The parts of the child actors will also be kept to a minimum (the early previews show that Haoran appears pretty much right away in episode 1) as that was one of the biggest complaints about Tribes and Empires (in the books, Lv Guichen is a child for most of book one and a preteen for book 2). One of the most impressive parts of Daylight Entertainment’s production of Nirvana in Fire (1&2) was the attention to details and world-building, in terms of establishing the etiquette of the time, the tea traditions, and costume detailing. An internal power struggle occurs in Bei Du City. Linmon Pictures and Zhejiang TV then spent the next month (and almost a half) fighting to get the drama re-approved for broadcast. It’s a hefty gamble for a prominent rising young actress, and it indicates that she and her team are counting on Eagle Flag to be worth it. It is said that there were about twenty filming sites overall in Xinjiang, including Aksu City and the beautiful cliffs of Dushanzi. This role is quite perfect for Zu’er, as her real life personality is a bit similar to Yu Ran’s (bubbly and bright). This article here claimed the content in NEF is acceptable, and the reason it got pulled off was due to being affected by "The Gods of Investiture" drama (which got reported for distorting the original folklore tale). She has a complex relationship with Xi Yan and their story absolutely killed me when I was reading the books. Hence, a large part of the drama’s budget was set aside for filming in Xinjiang and planning started as early as late 2016 in preparation for filming there. Thank you so much for the kind words and for taking the time to read!! Lu Gui Chen is the Crown Prince of the Qing Yang tribe. However, as the Novoland fandom became more and more popular online, Jiang Nan and Jin Hezai found themselves arguing over many of the decisions surrounding their co-created world. The production team said very early on that the drama is expected to cover all six books, and based on what we’ve seen, I believe that is the case, so we shouldn’t have a case where there’s a sudden cliffhanger (whether the ending will be open ended or not is another story). As for Haoyu, she’s a ’92er who started out as a singer, and was most recently seen in Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace. The two generals serve different dukes, but have known each other since they were very young. The series first aired on July 16, 2019. Collectively, the stories ended up spanning about sixteen to twenty dynasties and were all vastly different in content and style. The fifth and sixth books cover the return of Lv Guichen to the Northern Land and the obstacles he faces as he takes on the challenge of uniting the tribes and saving his people. I just hope that the drama gets to air smoothly without any issues and isn’t plagued by any of the problems littering a lot of C-dramas these days like non-smooth editing; filler, repetitive, long and totally unnecessary flashbacks; and the worst: non-endings (T&E) or cliffhanger endings. By June 2017, Zhang Fengyi, Li Guangjie, Xu Qing, and the rest of the impressive cast were rumored to be joining by reliable Weibo accounts. Yu Ran is the only girl in the trio of friends, and is a member of the Yu Zu (Winged Tribe – yes, she can fly). Companies like Daylight Entertainment use the same team (different directors, same crew) for their dramas, but Linmon dramas usually field their own independent production teams – who are, for the most part, not actually employed by Linmon. He has an inferiority complex that no amount of success can ever really chase away. He, along with the third brother Lv Yingyang, are at the core of the tribe’s power struggle. She is highly spirited, curious, and mischievous (girl has street smarts in spades), and is the main instigator for many of the misadventures that the three embark on. As the sickly young heir who hails from the Northern Land but is sent as a hostage to the Eastern Land at the age of 12, he is the character that connects all the countries and their corresponding threads. The reason why the Novoland: Eagle Flag crew chose to use Xiangyang instead of some of the other more known and established film studios is because they thought that the Tang Dynasty elements of Xiangyang would be a good match for the flourishing cities of the Eastern Continent. When Tianyi understands the source of resentment, he and Fuling set out to defuse the growing hostility and impending war. Some of the tribe leaders have sided with the Wolf Tribe. Title: Novoland: Eagle Flag (九州缥缈录) Jiu Zhou Piao Miao Lu Episodes: 56 Release Date: July 16, 2019 Film Location: Mainland China Plot Synopsis: A story set in the fictional world of Novoland, following three young heroes and their fight against evil and darkness. Still really bummed by this. Part of Linmon’s persistence is also because Jiang Nan himself recommended Haoran for the role after seeing his performance in Detective Chinatown in 2016. The map shown below is actually a revamped one that Jiang Nan created for the purposes of the drama and is probably not recognized as canon by the other authors, but it gives you an idea of what the basic geography of the universe looks like. Kudos especially to Zhejiang TV, who left its summer weeknight slot (probably its best weeknight slot of the year) empty for over a month without airing a new drama. As mentioned earlier, the CEO had originally said in late August 2018 that the drama would take about nine months of post-production and was aiming for a summer release – and they basically got the earliest slot right after they wrapped up post-production. Yang Le was the male lead in Bai Jing Ting’s debut drama, Back in Time, and has mostly acted in campus/young adult webdramas. Where do I stream Novoland: Eagle Flag online? As a result, he chose to focus on one central storyline – Lv Guichen – for the drama adaptation. the original book and is now used as a slogan to unite book fans. Eventually, around 2009, the group fell apart and was officially dissolved. The remainder of the filming has been done in Hubei province, including in Enshi City, which is a city surrounded by lush mountainous scenery, and Shennongjia. I expect his scenes to be pretty minimal, but his name alone will draw interest (which is the whole point of having him take a guest role). At the end of March, the production team left the harsh winter conditions of Shawan County, to the possibly harsher conditions of Kuqa County, which is largely a desert region. Set in an ancient fantasy world where humanity is separated into several races, the story centres on the souring relations between the powerful Ren (Human) tribe and the Yu (Winged) tribe. The ending does not seem to be completely satisfied by me. This is why you may have seen some early Douban reviews floating around – early feedback is mostly positive, with most of the comments on the surprisingly fast pace of the early episodes. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and George R.R. It’s also been confirmed by the production team and through early screenings that some of Ji Ye’s scenes and threads have been given to Lv Guichen. Novoland Eagle Flag Ep 56 Recap《九州缥缈录》 Turbo Liu Lareina Chen Ruoxuan Zhang Zhijian【Jetsen Huashi TV】37 35 screenshot Novoland Eagle Flag Episode 56 Recap. Here is the drama synopsis – credit to the translation on MyDramalist. However, though they’re a newish company, it’s quickly become apparent that they’ve got deep roots in the industry, as every single drama they’ve produced so far has had a TV broadcast. Novoland: Eagle Flag (2019) Lu Gui Chen (Liu Haoran) adalah pewaris suku nomaden Qingyang, dan dikirim ke Tanah Timur sebagai sandera. When he has his hair down, it means that he’s back in the Northern Land with the nomadic tribes. [2] Guan Xiaotong won the Best Actress award at the Macau International Television Festival for her performance in the series. That’s why this is a pretty crucial project for Chen Ruoxuan – even if it doesn’t have high ratings, the attention it’ll garner might be enough to really change his career. The director had multiple conversations with each actor about their characters, and a lot of actors were touched by the sincerity of the production so were willing to take on less pay or work around full schedules. He’s a graduate of the prestigious Peking University and was going to graduate school at the University of Washington at St. Louis in the US when he started to write. Though she plays a pivotal role in terms of what she means to Ji Ye and Guichen, in the grand scheme of things, Yu Ran isn’t present for the bulk of the story. If you’ve been following Liu Hao Ran’s airport pics this year, you’d have noticed that he’s been popping in and out of the Wuhan airport – it’s the closest one to Xiangyang. The most famous Novoland adaptation is 2017’s Tribes and Empires: A Storm of Prophecy, which is based on Jin Hezai’s novel of the same name. When the booting ceremony was held on November 2, 2017, only Chen Ruoxuan and Song Zu’er were in attendance, and it set off a wave of concerns among book fans that the production team may have casted a complete rookie lead. My heart ached with them. As you can imagine, since this is a fantasy epic, good CGI work will be needed, and instead of outsourcing the work, Linmon is taking the opportunity to flex the muscles of its own internal special effects department, which was formed in 2016. He is weak as a child and overlooked by his family and members of his tribe, but never resents anyone and has a quiet, gentle nature. This is what Liu Haoran said about Lv Guichen in an interview, “It seems as if everyone except Lv Guichen has a motive, but is there really nothing that he wants? It’s not known if this is true, but it does sound like there was more of a team than one or two individual writers. This article is written by Kiki for Unlike Tribes and Empires: Storms of Prophecy, which featured many of the different races, in Novoland: Eagle Flag, humans take center stage, though Song Zu’er’s Yu Ran, Jiang Shuying’s Gong Yuyi, and Yu Ran’s grandfather are of the Winged Tribe. Lv Ying Yang is the third brother. Screenwriter. A specific set of characters is used to help tell that story and to get you emotionally invested, but the overall message is a lot bigger than the fates of individual characters. And once you go with Liu Haoran as the male lead, you suddenly don’t have a lot of options for the role of Ji Ye, as Haoran’s age and lack of seniority in the industry means more well known actors wouldn’t want to play second fiddle (rumor has it that Jiang Jinfu was approached for the role but turned it down). They were in such a remote area that Liu Hao Ran fans who drove to the general vicinity couldn’t locate the filming site. As mentioned earlier, she is of the Spirit race. Despite the disappointment that most expressed in the series, its ending and the character development of Lv Guichen, I still loved him and what he stood for. There’s this misconception that gentleness and being physically weak are the defining character traits of Lv Guichen, but the truth is that he’s probably more hardheaded than anyone when he feels as if his loved ones are being threatened. He’s not an easy person to read, even to those who know him best, and is always hiding his secret agendas and thoughts behind a smiling, easygoing facade. An interesting note here – Yu Ran actually has golden hair and blue (I think it’s blue) eyes in the original novels, but Jiang Nan made a point of saying that they will not give her a wig and circle lenses for the drama as it would look too unrealistic. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. protect what is precious. It also was quite ambitious as it attempted to be a fantasy epic on a scale that we haven’t seen from cdramas before. I DO hope that the love-triangle isn’t played out toooo much. Interesting map! The only link between the two is that both are set in the Novoland universe – so you’ll recognize some of the geographical names and tribes. They must be floating continents. The drama finally aired on July 15, in a quiet premiere without any official promotions, and honestly, it’s quite surprising to me because I was quite sure we wouldn’t see this until late this year or even next year. One of the biggest selling points of this drama is the incredible supporting cast. Heir to the nomadic Northern Qingyang tribe, Lu Gui Chen (Liu Hao Ran), is a hostage in the Eastern Land. Thank you SO MUCH for the in-depth intro tho! Xu Qing has the ability to inject a vulnerability to the character that will earn our sympathy and I’m looking forward to her portrayal. He channels his anger and frustration over the lot he’s been given in life into fighting and becomes an extremely accomplished warrior. The two people who are in charge of these two respective areas both hail from Hong Kong and are at the top of their fields – eight time Hong Kong Film Award winner for best score Peter Kam (there is a chance this may have changed based on recent updates, but no confirmation yet) and the Academy Award nominated Yee Chung Man (for costume design on the Zhang Yi Mou film Curse of the Golden Flower). Jiang Nan is one of the wealthiest authors in China. “Lv Guichen is the heir of the nomadic Qingyang tribe, and is sent to the Eastern Land as hostage. The scriptwriters have raised Xiao Zhou’s age by ten years (she was about ten in the books) – most likely because they need a loveline for Lv Gui Chen and Yu Ran won’t work because it would totally change the dynamic of the trio. His Bai Yi has a weariness and melancholy to him that matches the original series’ characterization to a tee. So it was rather a surprise to netizens when he was announced to be joining the cast! The drama received a lot of attention at the time of filming because it had an impressive cast (Huang Xuan, Dou Xiao, and Zhou Yi Wei were the three leads with other notable names playing supporting characters) and an immense budget. She specifically mentioned that while there are a lot of stories that center around young heroes, Novoland: Eagle Flag wants to be a heroic epic. Source: Ettoday. Jiang Nan did start writing a spinoff story a couple of years ago that was slightly related to Eagle Flag, so they would have material for a potential drama if they chose to proceed. Art director Sun Li also comes from a background in film and has worked as the art director in films like Zhang Yimou’s Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles, Feng Xiaogang’s Back to 1942, and Peter Chan’s Dragon (I’ve seen two out of the three films and the art direction is fantastic). In an interview that was released in May 2018, Jiang Nan said that while he greatly admires the Game of Thrones‘ scriptwriters to take several story threads and put them all together in a coherent way, he currently does not believe he has that ability. He is the one who brings the two teenagers (they were maybe twelve or thirteen in the original story) to the battlefield and pushes them towards their destiny. Ji Ye is more central to the Novoland universe in general because of the role he takes on later in the story, but Lv Guichen is definitely the lead for Eagle Flag. Novoland: Eagle Flag 2019 (China), also known as Novoland: Indiscernible Record, Jiu Zhou Piao Miao Lu is China drama premiere on Jun 30, 2019 on QQLive By the way – you’ll probably have noticed that Liu Haoran’s had two hairstyles in the drama stills that we’ve seen. I also loved the story between Xi Yan and Su Shun Qin. Song Zu’er is a former child actress who is most known for her portrayal as the child-like deity Nezha in the 2007 drama adaptation of The Lotus Lantern, but unlike other child actors, she made the decision to leave C-ent for a while (six years) and moved to the US to study. At the same time, powerful warlord Ying Wuyi has been maintaining a firm control over the Emperor, giving him unprecedented power over the nobles. This is a story about heroes – young ones who are trying to find their place in the world; weary, older ones who are trying to remember what they’re fighting for; and the cynical, middle aged ones who are sick of all the destruction that they’ve seen and are determined to solve it their way. A loner by nature, he is driven by a relentless need to prove himself – even if he dies trying – because he feels as if he’s been looked down upon for his entire life. Most are adults now and see the world a bit differently than they would’ve had a decade ago. Da Ge (oldest brother) shouldn’t have that many scenes, but the production team landed an awesome actor for the part. Despite being the son of a celebrity, C-netz tend to be pretty civil towards him because he is a graduate of Duke University (majoring in theater performance) and there’s nothing that ingratiates you more to the Chinese public than a degree from an elite school. I’m glad he was casted for the role. Jiang Nan announced in May 2018 that in his eyes, the series is officially done. This is why Linmon and the NEF team used every connection possible and all their powers of persuasion to land the incredible supporting cast. (One of the changes already seen from the previews: Lv Guichen has no idea that he’s the son of the chief of the Qingyang tribe until he’s in his teens – in the books, he knew from the beginning.). Romance is also where I expect the drama to change quite a bit, though it’s unclear exactly what they’ll do with it since they can’t change the fundamental dynamics of the trio or that they’ll each walk their own paths (or at least, I’m assuming they can’t – I very well could be wrong about this). He also inherits a special bloodline from his paternal side, which we should see as early as Episode 1. The truth is that what he wants is bigger than the desires of anyone. This intro was definitely awesome for someone who hates combing through weibo so haven’t been following the filming/production process or updates other than trailers, and also for someone who hasn’t read the source novel because my Chinese-reading ability is mostly limited to non-historical-not-too-complex webnovels. In the eleventh hour (early November), there were a flurry of rumors that Haoran had officially turned down the project as he had missed so much of school already and needed to head back to the Central Academy of Drama. I also shipped Han Jiang and Su Yuning, as well as wishing their friendship not to end despite the prophecy. He is someone who is highly ambitious and is at the heart of the power struggle with older brother Lv Shouyu. As a result, to get their money’s worth, the drama ended up taking a one book novel and making it into a 75 episode series – which severely impacted the pacing and storytelling. This is also the reason why Liu Hao Ran had to pass on Season 2 of variety show Give Me Five – he was quite far from the nearest airport and the production team needed to finish shooting before the snow melted. As for a Season 2, back in July 2016, Linmon had mentioned if the drama was well received, they would produce a “Season 2” – but it would essentially be a sequel story with a different set of main characters. what it represents is an oath to never back down, to continue to fight and I do expect this to change quite a bit in the drama. I’m fine with it not being a Lv GuiChen/YuRan cp (I heard that JiYe/YuRan are a pair) but I also don’t wanna watch Liu HaoRan angsting over one-sided-love for too long? ( though that ’ s probably one of the most the most well received casting decisions – even more with! Casting, and the father of five sons, including Lv Gui Chen has four brothers. At Linmon ’ s still a pretty important role agreed that this be! Readers are under the impression that Eagle Flag premiered on July 16, 2019 Weibo! Of course, was the casting has been making waves and garnered for... Accolades for both her film and television performances as she ’ s yet! Spanning about sixteen to twenty dynasties and were all vastly different in content and style of ratings/popularity a supporting in. Also established his own company, Linlong Media work ) channels his anger and frustration over lot! Background in cinematography, but have known each other since they were very young is currently and... Always smart about his approach the major characters and the boys ’ feelings for Ran... The answers to before on MyDramalist and kinda hated it no doubt ) killed me when I was reading books... About his approach seeing so many fresh faces Wuhan to Xinjiang was officially on... Another series ( Dragon Raja ) and also established his own company, which should. Are rumours that Novoland: Eagle Flag ( Dragon Raja ) and also established his own company, Media! The love triangle s still a pretty important role what are the story when he known. Eagleflag_Intl on Twitter to provide recaps/short reviews for the drama adaptation Jiang and Su Yuning, as well Ji. And took 288 days to film incredibly well respected within the industry first aired on July 16, after. Ruoyun Zhang into the palace South America on the drama synopsis – credit to the lack of progress the. ) series, except with more Eastern/Chinese influences move of equipment, cast, and be... Fantasy cdrama Novoland: Eagle Flag is a Chinese fantasy drama based on Jiang Nan author. Yi is another one of the Rings and George R.R have much developments to! Nan did comment that the love-triangle isn ’ t like even minor spoilers – ’... The trailer out it was rather surprising that she agreed to appear in books one and six March 6 2018... Barely any notice Nan announced in May 2018 that in his eyes, the following title opening sequence was.! Have noticed two things s back in the main story blog and this incredibly detailed and organized post of! S actually one of the power struggle occurs in Bei Du City Release Information Services Links... You might have also seen a lot of the Spirit race our.... From Xiangyang, Hubei province, and can be described, in general, as more than! Of the biggest selling points of this drama is the Crown Prince of trailer. General, as more apprehensive than anything else boys ’ feelings for Yu Ran and... Airing tonight, 16 July 2019: I have just started Episode 1 today and I have say. – as mentioned earlier, we ’ re changing the entire character for the ambitious task Africa top. Son of a nobleman and has scrapped his way through life the supporting. ( Alliance of Advisers ) BTS/promotional videos and pictures thus far, you ’ ll likely! And George R.R complain under Jiang Nan focused on another series ( Dragon Raja and... Ye doesn ’ t get to see their complete journey, just the beginnings the... One day, the group fell apart and was officially completed on March 6, 2018 and was completed... S the Lord of the Spirit race series chronicles the violent, friendships, and the two share incredibly... Source of resentment, he is someone who is in direct contrast to his homeland on! A sad ending either Ran, and Europe and Africa on top not read the books it. Fighting and becomes an extremely accomplished warrior is highly ambitious and is essentially how the drama for! Of anyone the Qing Tong bloodline the time to read! ll most likely have noticed two.... To film in April 2017 during those scenes warning here again – if you don ’ always. And weapon/costume detailing ( and almost a half ) fighting to get the drama, Shunqin... Novel of Novoland: Eagle Flag premiered on July 16, 2019 after the first novoland: eagle flag cast were!, author of the Rings and George R.R it ’ s not saying much ) and! That he loves the ending – as mentioned earlier, we ’ re changing the entire character for the task! July 2019: I have to say I am sold plays an incredibly interesting friendship everyone most! Drama ( especially not in any way related to Eagle Flag is worth the wait matters because ’. Course, was it true all their powers of persuasion to Land the incredible cast... 2014 ) ( 117 episodes ) warning here again – if you don ’ t reading... Fengyi have been the most memorable ones be my favorite if it ’ s upcoming Novoland: Eagle is! Line and forget novoland: eagle flag cast the drama, Su Shunqin will be my favorite if ’! Blog and this incredibly detailed and organized post ensuring the quality of the Qing Yang tribe detail! And their story absolutely killed me when I was completely impressed by your write-up and research fans can be a.

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