You can study three versions of … It also comes with a Verse of the Day, audio versions of the Bible, and more. of Service and Privacy Policy, Don’t have an account? Amplified Bible - AMP. There are a small number of ads in the app. Read God’s Word at anytime, anywhere using the YouVersion Bible App. Podcast Addict also works with Android Auto, Wear OS, and Google Chromecast. You get the same translations in the app that you can listen to online. Luckily, they have a few different editions of the Bible that you can choose from. The E-Sword Bible study app contains a parallel Bible study view, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) printing capabilities to grab your notes for teaching, an extensive reference library, maps, powerful search features, audio sermon library, and more. If we missed any of the best Bible apps or Bible study apps, tell us about them in the comments! It’s great for Bible Study if you use the Bible tools specifically. In this one, kids can play through an interactive adventure that teaches them more about the Bible, what happened in it, and the people from it. ‎The Verse By Verse Ministry (VBVM) International study app, featuring the Bible teaching of Pastor Stephen Armstrong. No in-app … The Study Bible is perhaps the best of the Bible study apps. Learn More. Check it out ! Improve your experience by upgrading to a newer version of one of the following browsers. The Bible App for Kids is exactly what you think it is. With the app, you can also listen as several famous Christian personalities answer various questions about the Bible, life, and how you can connect one to the other. The Bible App makes it easy to read and share God's Word, with almost 300 free Bible versions and 200+ reading plans that help you read the Bible and track your progress. As I’ve seen other Bible apps offer new features, I’ve tried them, but I keep coming back to this app as my ‘go-to’ app. Some of the versions it comes with include the King James Version, New International Version, New King James Version, New Living Translation, English Standard Version, NASB, The Message, Yoruba, Zulu, and others. Fax: 602.788.1629 It’s also a free app with no in-app purchases. They have the NKJV, NIV, KJV, ESV, and NLT versions. Subscribe to Plans, daily portions of Scripture paired with devotional, audio, or video selections. The app lets you download various things that you can read. You can download it and check it out for free or pay the $5.99 for the full version of the app. iOS and Android and Kindle Fire and Online Like the YouVersion Bible app above, offers an online version as well as mobile apps. It’s time to take your study of God’s Word to a higher level, and now you can, with the Inductive Bible Study App. Speed up or slow down playback to listen to the Bible at your own pace. You can also pick between the KJV or the NIV versions of the Bible at your leisure. The mobile app lets users both read and listen to the Bible within the app. Download the free Ligonier app today and stream thousands of messages from R.C. Listen to a variety of Bible translations and choose from multiple audio narration styles. When I wanted to listen to the Bible in the past, I used to pull out a sleeve with a dozen CDs … It’s essentially a magazine for the faithful. Access hundreds of hours of verse-by-verse Bible teaching through entire books of the Bible for free. Bible by Olive Tree [Free] - This is a well-known Bible app published by Harper Collins Publishing. You can listen to the Bible pretty much anywhere you want. Best Free: E-Sword. Powered by Bible Gateway. The Bible App’s interface is available in more than 60 languages, allowing users to: Read the Bible, or let Audio versions read the Bible to you. The Bible App for Kids Engage children with a Bible experience just for them. It comes with a whole bunch of features. You can save any book or Bible you own for offline use. We’re putting this in the parents category because this app is the most effective when the child uses this app alongside a parent. Like Jesus said, " in the last days there will … your password, By continuing, you agree to AppGrooves Terms The pro version is the same as the free version except there are no ads. It includes over 40 English Bibles, including NASNB, KJV, NET, and others. Within Christian communities, the act of gathering in a group setting for spiritual practice is often referred to as Bible study. They also have a few more powerful apps such as the Amplified Bible app. It has apps for iOS, Mac, and the web that feature a really nice design, and gives you access to a lot of study tools — even in the free version. You can save your favorites or you can share them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites as well. Bible.IS. Make Time for Reading—Even When You’re Booked Organize and schedule your reading in seconds. Thank you for reading! 4712 E Thunderbird Rd Phoenix, AZ 85032. We're at the halfway mark! The app gives you offline access so you can read the Bible anywhere. ... Paul said, "to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord" I will uninstall this app, you teach utter nonsense! However, it is one of the better companion Bible apps that we’ve found. Its … Here are a couple more recommendations for you! Download on Google Play. However, most of the rest of its content is aimed specifically at Jehovah’s Witnesses. Gospel Puzzles 123 Preschool Game (available for both iPad & iPhone) Gospel Puzzles 123 App is teaching kids basics about numbers and counting in a fun way that also brings them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since then, they have written a variety of work to talk about God, Christianity, and how to let God into your life. You can listen in a few translations like ESV, NIV, KJV and a few others. Price: Free. Grow your Prayer life, with Prayers you can keep private or … Studying the Bible is easier than ever. The entire Catholic Bible (RSV-2CE) available for FREE — now packed with additional content from Lighthouse, Ignatius Press, and other Catholic Apostolates that unlock the beauty and richness of Scripture. Phone: 602.788.1620. I think this is a great way to try out the app and enjoy the features, determining if it works well for your children. Whether you're at your home, driving the car, or even taking a walk, carry God’s wisdom … A lot of churches publish Sunday sermons as podcasts in case you miss the service yourself. There are also commentaries and devotionals for those who want to read more. When you download this app you will have access to the latest audio and video Bible teaching ministry of Colin Smith, plus acess to a daily Bible reading plan. Sign Up Now. It covers mostly the New Testament although it will touch on the Old Testament if needed. It includes the KJV version of the Bible for free. And Bible is a super simple Bible app with plenty of features. This also falls under the Olive Tree branding. Most of these should work for most religions that use the Bible. Bible App by Olive Tree is a well-known Bible app on iOS that is developed by Harper Collins Publishing. Our Daily Bread is a Christian group that began in the 1930s. This engaging Bible storybook app helps parents teach their kids about God and His Word. Have you always wanted a Bible in your pocket, so you could read it anytime, anywhere? Bible Study is yet another bible freeware for Windows. AppGrooves has filtered the best 10 apps for "Catholic Bible" in Books & Reference from 411 apps. We developed Bible App for Kids with our partner OneHope to introduce children to 41 of the big stories of the Bible, including Noah and the flood, Daniel in the lions’ den, and the birth of Jesus, to name just a few. Additionally, there are plenty of Bible-oriented podcasts with all sorts of different premises and messages. The audio and video resources are arranged by recent broadcasts, sermon series archives, and has the ability to search for teaching by books of the Bible. Podcast Addict’s UI is simple with a bunch of options for playlists and downloads. Its value has been proved throughout the centuries. If you are interested in learning more about our process, find out here. You can also click here to check out our latest app and game lists! Audible is a popular audio book platform. The grooviest deals, discounts & coupons (Coming soon! News, reviews, deals, apps and more. That makes it great for those on a budget. Get free resources when you download the app and sign in, and do better Bible study with exclusive Logos Bible study tools. The result is an Amplified Bible that is … Bible Study. Add AppGrooves to your home screen for quick access. iOS | Android. This site doesn't support your browser. Best Apps for Showing Love Without Saying a Word, Best Apps for Revitalizing a Relationship, Must-Have Apps for Ending a Bad Date Early, Best Apps for Dating in Search of Long Term Commitments, Must-Have Apps for People Who Want to Fall in Love, Must-Have Apps for Advertising on Social Media, Must-Have Apps for Promoting Your Small Business, Best Apps for Smart Shoppers to Buy Online & Save Money, Best apps for Those Who Are Interested in Bible Prophecy, Best Apps for Training for an Iron Man Marathon, Great Apps to Become More Organized in Daily Life, Great Apps for Reliving Childhood Memories, Best Apps for Getting Clients for Your Online Business, 1,541 Apps & Games Related to Bible Study, Bible Studies, Embarazo y Dietas Free Libres. Easily read and study the Bible with Bible study tools. Navigate quickly anywhere in the Bible. Bible App for Kids. Browse an assortment of Catholic study Bible apps featuring the Roman Catholic Bible and the Catholic Youth Bible with free commentaries, audio Bible study, and other reference material to assist in worship. It’s a Bible app … The Bible App even reads to you with audio Bibles! Navigate to your passage and hit the play button at the bottom of the screen. Daily Audio Bible is committed to helping Christian’s get into a daily rhythm with the Bible and prayer, through our mobile Bible app and online community. It’s never been easier to experience the entire Bible. Christian apps for kids Bible Pathway Adventures. In addition, the app has commentaries, a search, a space for personal note taking, and even maps of the areas in the Bible. There are also challenges, fun cartoons, and other stuff. Find Bible study topics, lessons for kids, study guides like NIV, ESV and Life Application Study Bible with these great apps. We recommend the Olive Tree app first. It also contains several versions of the Bible, including the ESV, KJV, and NAS. It’s one of many apps in the YouVersion Bible apps style that’s starting to get very popular. Audiobooks are one the most popular and best Bible App for Android to listen since it is read by a human voice. We are aware that there are many different faiths that use the Bible and many different versions of the Bible. Harper Collins Christian Publishing has a variety of Bible apps and Bible study apps. It specializes in books read by a human voice. It doesn’t really matter, though. Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox. Podcast Addict is an outstanding podcast app. Some of them are free and others require a few bucks. Are you looking for a great Bible app for your preschoolers? It gives you additional abilities such as taking notes and further studying options. The Bible offers the best possible advice on life’s most difficult questions. Listen to recorded teaching, read the … Mobile App. First 5: #1 Best Bible Reading App for Christian Women. In this section, you’ll find out why you can trust the Bible, how you can get the most from it, and just how practical the Bible really is.—2 Timothy 3:16, 17. For this update to the Amplified Bible (AMP), the goal of the translation team was to enhance the appeal of the Amplified Bible by refreshing the English and refining the amplifications for relevance and clarity. Read the Bible and make use of commentaries and reading plans. Share Scripture with friends, highlight and bookmark passages, and create a daily habit with Bible Plans. Find the best online Bible study tools with Bible study lessons, Bible topics and even Bible lessons for kids! The app also sells various study Bibles, hence the in-app purchases. Bible Puzzles for Toddlers (Baby Bible Puzzles) In a way, this simple puzzle app really is for Toddlers. Join with friends from around the world going through it together. Daily Bible Verse is an app that shows you daily Bible verses. Though it will not replace the physical copy of the book, it still acts as an e-book to hear to anywhere and anytime. You can also highlight you favorite verses, check out a verse of the day, and more. This app includes one unique feat… Get the #1 rated and ranked Bible App for FREE. The Bible App for Kids is a great way for your children to learn Biblical stories about Jesus, our gift of eternal life, and the many lessons God teaches us. Some other options include Doggcatcher, Pocket Casts, and Podcast Go. It would be difficult to find a more thorough teacher of the Bible, and this app gives you access to decades of MacArthur’s sermon audio. Do you have your own copy of the Bible? Here are the best Bible apps and Bible study apps for Android! Plus, the app is entirely free, open source, and has no advertising. Here are some apps to help you read it. You can read whatever version you want. Begin a new journey. That’s insane. FREE CATHOLIC STUDY BIBLE APP. We know, it’s not the most creative name ever. In this interactive experience, children directly engage with God’s Word with delightful visuals while earning points for reading and collecting treasures. Read along while you listen. It’s completely free with no in-app purchases. The ABC’s of God offers iPad users a delightful opportunity to train their little ones’ fingers to form letters while teaching them about the Bible. We’re not entirely sure, but we didn’t see any significant problems. Check it out ! Now Your kids can have fun learning basic counting, number recognition and … This free iPad or Android app inserts the Bible text from one of a number of translations on a black background. Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and more. The interactive Bible stories explore the historical context of each narrative (complete with archeological tidbits) and help kids and parents alike know the Bible better. Watch John Piper to use a tool similar to Bible Mark Up, which inspired the app, in his “Look at the Book” video series on YouTube (seen below). Sproul, the Ligonier Teaching Fellows, and other gifted pastors and teachers. The Bible App for Kids is exactly what you think it is. Discover the "Power of the Open Book" with this free app from Unlocking the Bible. This awesome … Here are some more fun apps to check out! It includes Bible translations in over 100 languages, various versions of the Bible, and a comparison tool for all of the various versions of the Bible. E-Sword is a free Bible study software application that's been around since 2000. On top of that, there are 1400 versions in a variety of languages. AppGrooves has filtered the best 10 apps for "Bible Study" in Books & Reference from 760 apps. The Bible app by Life Church is probably the best of all the Bible apps. It’s also completely free with no in-app purchases. JW Library is a Bible app specifically for Jehovah’s Witnesses. It won’t replace your physical copy of the book. Again, we’re not saying any particular version of the Bible is better than any other. Immerse Yourself in the Bible with the Bible Audio App. Thus, it may not be best for those who don’t follow that faith specifically. That makes it one of the more powerful Bible study apps also. The app does a great job at showing you a different verse every day so you have something to read up about. Bible App by Olive Tree. Their big apps are Bible apps that feature various versions of the Bible. The UI could be better, but everything else is basically great. There are two options – drama and non-drama. The teacher or Bible student uses the 9 colors to draw on the screen in Bible Mark Up. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we will email you a link to reset Even though this App is not specific to just the Bible, you will know the difference when you start using it. Tecarta Bible is a solid all-around app for the faithful. ©2021 Android Authority | All Rights Reserved. see more see less However, any in-app purchase will remove them permanently. Daily Reading Plan. This really is a Bible-teaching app; it may not be cool for kids, but it promotes God’s Word . The software, written by Rick Meyers, was initially designed to run on Windows PC, but is now available for iPad (e-Sword HD), iPhone (e-Sword LT), and Mac (e-Sword X). Audiobooks. The Verse By Verse Ministry (VBVM) International study app features the Bible teaching of Stephen Armstrong. 15 best offline Android games that require no WiFi, How fingerprint scanners work: optical, capacitive, and ultrasonic explained. However, it has a lot of stuff that any faithful person can use. Price: Free / $14.95 per month / Book prices vary. That includes your home, the car, or even while taking a walk. It’s a surprisingly decent app for Bible study, especially with all of the extra reference materials. For the first time ever, we have made our entire library of hundreds of teaching series free to stream. The app is a bit old school, but it works pretty well. It seems well put together. Join our beta test e-mail list now! Also try the Bible Audio App! Verse By Verse Ministry. Are you sure you want to delete your app review? The Beginner’s Bible App The Beginner’s Bible App is designed for children ages 2-6 and the first “story pack” is FREE. The app also gives you reminders so you can remember for Bible study, daily reading ideas from the Bible, and a public comment section. Apparently so do few others because the app has over a million reviews and a 4.9 rating. Daily Audio Bible. You can get over half a dozen translations through in-app purchases if you want a different version. )Can’t wait? Download the app. It’s a Bible app for kids. There are over a dozen Bible apps in total and they’re all pretty good. You can get up to a month of previous work. Of all the free Bible study apps for women … Bible Mark Up App.

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