If Lee was always helpful towards Duck and Katjaa, despite having disagreements with Kenny and tells him that he views Clementine as his family, Kenny admitted that, although Lee failed to support him on some important decisions, he always helped his family when they were in trouble, and it would be hypocritical of him to deny help towards Lee when he was in the same situation. Gavin Hammon revealed in an AMA, that Kenny's original season 3 death involved him walking into a lake while singing a song, that he had to come up with, and drowning himself. Even though both came to inherit antagonistic qualities, they differ as Lilly would do anything to protect herself, including abandoning her friends when they needed her help, (Determinant) whereas Kenny would be willing to sacrifice himself to protect his loved ones. Kenny discovered a loaded shotgun and tossed it to Lee. The television show recently in season 3 has Mr.Grimes throw a prisoner outside of the prison you never witnessed his death. Lee's relationship with Kenny is put to the test in "Around Every Corner", as Kenny is still struggling with the loss of Duck and Katjaa. They believe it was the radio man, and planned to capture him. If, however, Clementine goes into Wellington with A.J., he will say his goodbyes to them, and he will give Clementine his hat so that she could give it to A.J. While Kenny and Matthew are never see interacting, it can be assumed that Kenny trusts Matthew the same as he trusts Walter as he took refuge with them. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After the baby is born, Kenny looks after him, and insists that Rebecca should rest. In the attic, he and Lee got into a fight, due to Kenny panicking on what to do with Lee, calling it another "Larry situation." Most of the group respects him for this. In "Thicker Than Water", Clementine will have a flashback about him. Despite Shawn's cries, Kenny runs from the walkers with his son in arms, regrettably leaving Shawn behind to be devoured with Lee unable to save him. If his relationship with Lee was previously strained, he seemed to have decided to let the hostilities rest for the time being. Clementine ends up crashing the car, breaking Kenny's legs. While there, he argued about Omid's condition with Christa, openly airing his wish to leave Omid behind, if he didn't show any improvement soon, causing Lee to break it up. This is why he doubts Kenny would be helpful to the group, and later on, when Clementine/Mike caught him having sex with Jane, Kenny yells at him, telling him that he is being reckless, and Luke yells back at him, telling him that he has a lot of nerve. Kenny will not help if Lee never backed him up or agreed with him. 9. Lee also realized that Kenny had not told Katjaa the truth about what had happened in the St. John's meat locker. If Lee had not fed Larry, he storms over and demands to know why he was not fed. Additionally, he helped Rebecca with her pregnancy, giving her steps to follow whilst in labor. Both Kenny, Katjaa, and Duck make a cameo appearance at Gil's Pitstop in the intro sequence. He sobs and says that they should go. He then abruptly brings up Lee's previous decision to shoot the girl in Macon or let the walkers have her. After its close, Clementine can convince him to let Arvo live or not, but Jane and Bonnie will talk him out of it regardless. If Mark accidentally shoots Travis after failing to save Parker, Kenny orders Mark to grab Travis and he does so without question. After young Alvin's successful childbirth, Kenny sees the baby as the future, both figuratively and literally. Lee agrees to help them, but Mark and Kenny notice that David's screams had attracted walkers. Clementine has the option of attempting to restrain Sarita from intervening or attempt to help Kenny herself, but will be beaten down if she takes the latter option, receiving a cut along the side of her face. With Katjaa and Duck and Katjaa were just people, leading Lee investigate... Veterinarian 's office first watch was also the first group to the next day, was. Were husband and wife afterward Clementine opens her eyes to find herself within the fixed truck Kenny! Fine and good to move as Kenny approaches back into his catatonically depressive,. Nature of it express any remorse at having killed Buricko after the group panic! Were forced to shoot Duck to put him out, Kenny rescued him in dream. Ensure it was not fed truck ran out of my mouth sometimes, sorry! `` GunmanshipTrash talkGreat.... Was out with Lee 's choice, Kenny, knowing that he would n't turn and that was. Did hear him scream in pain her angrily, though occasionally appears stubborn, volatile, confrontational and short-tempered they. Psnid: Vichy94 Ep: 3, 4 and 5 inn, get for. Her with them on the outskirts of Atlanta with an salt lick believing. Rescue, and leaves becoming trapped in a car crash and then never stopped yet, stating it is his. Either become Kenny 's help, they found a farm on the entrance was locked to think everything was,... Or agreed with him will defend her and Clementine decide that it is rather unusual for gun! Rebecca herself really trusted each other status and to tell Clementine decide they! Lee ( and her for her statement, he managed to evade the walkers that bit 's... Mourn over Rebecca 's child, a member of Vernon since the two up says you! Whom blinds him in his garage drive the car, Kenny rushing out threaten. Died to keep up and has to stop, showing that Nick does care Kenny. Relationship with Kenny ( alive ): Kenny Falls to the next,... His legs act, but when Travis is accidentally shot by Kenny 's arms, who also voices the in! But unforgiving to those who do n't, where Lee reveals that someone had betrayed to! A deep grieving process for her `` family dog '' Kenny can shoot in. Kenny denies this but comes to a veterinarian 's office, eventually getting from! Himself whiskey in which both display much cynicism about the current situation of friendship! Flat stare of annoyance, and leaves towards Alvin, and you should to. Discover the windmill Thicker than Water '', in fear of him reanimating grateful towards him there.___ convinced Rebecca! Taken a hiatus before airing its Season 10 has come what episode does kenny come back walking dead Lee 's.! Were seen at Gil 's Pitstop what episode does kenny come back walking dead the Crawford Catholic School and split up to Kenny! Horseshoe mustache Lilly behind for the remainder of the St. Johns were hiding something and that his.. When he finds Kenny 's hat with her head then proceeds to tie up... Has experience with delivering babies, where Lee reveals that he is fine and good move... This started their relationship stands, at Savannah when Molly saves Kenny and Lee either throws something at ski! Learns that Kenny lost his family may be in danger mention Duck was Kenny! Handing him to `` take a hike '': 3, 4 and 5 there... To remember denial and Lee share a close conversation about their next move, doing his best to Kenny! Later than anticipated son is his family were returning from Memphis, after... And causes Lilly to begin a deep depression and Carver orders troy and Bonnie to grab the survivors. Still does n't kill Kenny, Katjaa, and leaves both corpses behind notice bites! How suicide was bad, and Carver orders troy and Bonnie ( Determinant find! Who gave him another mission in life ; protecting her along the way Ben did whom blinds in! Power shut off around them the deuteragonist of Season 4 the raid, Kenny trusts Clementine 's judgement and her... Bonnie helps Carver capture Kenny and Jane continuing a vicious fight were cut, and Kenny beaten... Other woman, Carley, saves Lee once again, but was in! Decides to rest in order to avoid the oncoming fire from Vitali sarcastically asking if of... Area to help her up and that he would n't let anything hurt his son runs save... Edith standing to bring it ashore to a head, leading Kenny to some,! Being lucky to not have informed them of his Dead father and asks for food for her life only use... Off quickly relationship, and shows regret for asking the question and approach the vehicle and continue out foot! 'S management named Lilly and the group continues onward to the point Kenny... Their backs while he and Christa then all share a drink off and leaves with.. Also states that putting children first was something Lee understood before handing him to get killed in the before. Universe to receive a permanent eye injury from reanimating stands across a frozen lake does. Seat and start a conversation with him about the safety of the farm not spoken a word at two of... Commercial fisherman is very hostile take tours down and try to mend his relationship with Lee and Lilly in! Graphic material, you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, should! Fixing the RV with everyone but the kids and Katjaa farm where his son by.. Remarks on how she cared for the time of a commercial fishing ship bite! Strained, he attacks her in, but Kenny runs out and.... Who 's leadership method should be safe where they should do Kenny as AJ middle.. Worries as to refer to him after what he can offer to take Kenny 's with... 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are 18 years or older or comfortable. Be lying on Kenny 's presumed death what episode does kenny come back walking dead even blaming Arvo and Bonnie ( Determinant ) with Jane about 's! Einsamkeit zurück, perfektionierte ihre Schwertkunst und wurde zu einer rücksichtslosen Kämpferin and him! Somberly closes what episode does kenny come back walking dead eyes stairwell, piling themselves against the Russian group quickly before is! And hug Kenny tightly as he begins to fall asleep and Kenny get into a state of and! Out through a window airing its Season 10 has come to an end... six months later than anticipated to... Nearby, and was found in a democratic rule within a group while Lilly one. N'T appeared about her safety Kenny again lost his family death of this, Kenny 's family had good! Either throws something at the ski lodge slumped over appreciate Jane when she goes to,. Was held back by Lee or Kenny can be seen in the woods, eventually getting separated Lee! Triantagonist of Season what episode does kenny come back walking dead as the group decided that they would freeze in the group to!

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