SUCCEDANEUM // 2001. Bill’s dog is irascible and has to be kept on a leash at all times. So here's my proposal, one of you smart-ass writer people out there should write a story for me using some of these words. irascible definition: 1. made angry easily: 2. made angry easily: 3. It can make you better at spellings and improve your memorization. (of a person) easily made angry: . Use "prospicience" in a sentence. See also: foresightedness foresightfulness. 4. (noun) Words near prospicience in the Dictionary SentencesMobile. Examples of Milquetoast in a sentence As the milquetoast quietly shuffled down the street with his shoulders hunched, his eyes would dart around hoping no one would see him. Phillis and Amyntas reappear and carry on a conversation, not unamiably, in a sort of hexametrical stichomythia. Prospicience definitions. But for many spellers blinded by the … Terms and Conditions | Cookie Policy | Contact Us, P-R-O-S-P-I-C-I-E-N-C-E prospicience, word prospicience. 6 synonyms for prevision: prescience, prospicience, foresight, farsightedness, prediction, anticipation. Recrudescence sentence examples. Use previsioned in a sentence, previsioned meaning?, previsioned definition, how to use previsioned in a sentence, use previsioned in a sentence with examples. . A noun: Meaning — Foresight, the act of looking forward. When the winning team saw their rivals saddened by defeat, they felt a sense of schadenfreude. Logorrhea definition is - excessive and often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness. Most people chose this as the best definition of prospiciences: Plural form of prospicien... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Sentence with the word prospicience. Meanings for prospicience It's the ability to know things prior to happening. 5 1999: Logorrhea: An adjective: Meaning — A state of excessive and often incoherent wordiness or talkativeness. I just like the idea of an eight-year-old asking the judges to use it in a sentence. 16. Autochthonous. Learn more. . How to use in a sentence: The judges thought the word would be a guetapens, but Snigdha Nandipati gracefully spelled it, and won the 2012 title. Chiaroscuro is a style of monochromatic shading used in art. Spelled by Nupur Lala. ZAHN: Tell me how many times you had heard that word, "prospicience," before. Try out Spruce, our experimental quotations and lyrics search engine. : Roland Barthes said arguments produce sheer stichomythia, but this macho quarrel was a wonderfully entertaining and enlightening read. . providence by virtue of planning prudently for the future. Weathermen are not always on target when they try to prospicience the weather. 2002 prospicience 2003 pococurante With the exception of 'antediluvian' there aren't any words that I even know, much less could use in a sentence. Sentence Examples. Unfortunately, we have no example sentences for prospicience . 15. 15. malfeasance - noun: conduct by a public official that violates the public trust or is against the law. 14. acquiesce - verb: to accept as inevitable; to comply passively. Examples of Prospicience in a sentence " The inventor had the prospicience that his creations would change the world someday. noun. An adjective: Meaning — … 2002: Prospicience: A noun: Meaning — Foresight, the act of looking forward. Weathermen are not always on target when they try to, In the business world today, it is the man of judgment and, She had suddenly remembered that she must play up to this man who held her ambitions in his hand, and she had the wit to acknowledge his, It would have been unnatural, or premature, to refer to the restoration before the dispersion had taken place, provided such restoration were an object of justifiable, They are called the faculties of memory and divination, of respicience and, Festination by many of my stirp to spousal colligation with such asinegos, has crebrously obnubilated the most lucent. Excision definition, the act of removal; an excising. Foresight definitions. Knowing and learning new and difficult English words. He correctly spelled " prospicience" _ the act of looking forward, or foresight. It does not take much to aggravate my irascible neighbor who is annoyed by any little noise. 13. prospicience - noun: the act of looking forward; foresight. More example sentences ‘In London, in 1951, a little girl skips past an undertaker's hearse in the fog, and you know that the whole of her life is being plangently prefigured.’ ‘A plangently beautiful, one-off version of Annensky called ‘Black Spring’ merits quoting in full, but I will give just five lines of it.’ All Rights Reserved. The final rounds of the 2019 competition included head scratchers like allothimorph, auftaktigkeit, and sphaeriid. Cymotrichous. While Jill’s husband, Jack, is irascible, Jill is always calm and relaxed. See also: prevision farsightedness prospicience. . 6 1997: Euonym: A noun: Meaning — A name well suited to a place, person or thing Named. … Today, words have gotten a lot more difficult. foresight prevision. Summer was a strange woman who took joy in the suffering of others and always experienced schadenfreude when her friends were miserable. What does prospicience mean? prospicience: 1 n seeing ahead; knowing in advance; foreseeing Synonyms: farsightedness , foresight , prevision Type of: knowing a clear and certain mental apprehension An adjective: Meaning — Indifferent or lukewarm in religion or politics. prospiciencein a sentence. Foresight. Synonyms for prospicience. His, had knavishly anisotropic taint in the new lutra trombicula prospicience, and had to dynamics to rigging awfully they saw any katabolism at all amazingly the caulescent propinquity apoidea everywhere. A substitute or replacement for something else, especially in reference to medicine. : The formalized, crude use of stichomythia suggests that realism is not intended in this exchange. A recrudescence of the disease marked the closing years of the 19th century, the outbreaks having been 748 in 1898, 853 in 1899 and 1119 in 1900. Definition: ambush, snare or trap (Merriam-Webster). ZAHN: Tell me how many times you had heard that word, " prospicience ," before. An adjective: Meaning— Originating or formed in the place where found, native. seeing ahead; knowing in advance; foreseeing. Thirteen-year-old Pratyush Buddiga, from Colorado Springs, Colorado won the competition in the 11th round by correctly spelling the word " prospicience". On Wednesday, May 25th, the Scripps National Spelling Bee kicks off in National Harbor, Maryland, culminating in the finals on Thursday, May 26th. ... Antonyms for previsioned. Followers of Wurzberg school, therefore, use it for mental activities and experiences which cannot be analyzed in terms of sensations or images. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Here are some examples. Prospicience. Define prospicience. The study of crustaceans, of course. Visit INSIDER's homepage for more stories. Spelled by Pratyush Buddiga. n. a state of consciousness which cannot be associated with any particular sensation.For instance, affirmation and certainty are more of conscious attitudes than sensory components. noun. was founded in 2010 and our goal is to have definitions for any english word. How to use logorrhea in a sentence. Doubtless much of their prospicience may be due to an animal instinct that has been lost to us in the civilizing process. What are synonyms for previsioned? Words used to be much easier: in 1932, for example, the winning word was knack. 10. foresight, farsightedness, prospicience prediction , anticipation Translate 'prevision' in Select language Albanian Arabic Armenian Azerbaijani Basque Belarusian Bosnian Bulgarian Catalan Chinese Corsican Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Estonian Filipino Finnish French Georgian German Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Irish Italian Japanese Korean Latvian ... Prospicience, 2002. Prevision used in a sentence How to use Prevision in a sentence as a noun Chip manufacturing is now mature, and while we'll probably be only slightly latter at the computers that put 70% of the population out of a job, the current smaller rate of improvement will make a lot of difference for his 2029 prevision. prospicience synonyms, prospicience pronunciation, prospicience translation, English dictionary definition of prospicience. Prospicience definition is - the act of looking forward : foresight. 4. 1. See more. His, had knavishly anisotropic taint in the new lutra trombicula prospicience, and had to dynamics to rigging awfully they saw any katabolism at all amazingly the caulescent propinquity apoidea everywhere. All definitions were added by our community so if you want to help us with one ore more definitions you're welcome and can you add them using the add definition form. Foresight. Because Charles is very irascible, you have to be mindful of what you say to him. A spelling bee is a competition in which participants are asked to spell a variety of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty.. You may have dreamed of being the spelling bee champ since the first grade. The pronouncer can even use the word in a sentence for the young – and sometimes perplexed – linguists. 16. irascible - adjective: irritable, quick-tempered Laodicean. Regular definitions added and latest articles, Copyright © 2010 - 2021 by AZdictionary. Crustaceology, 1955. Being a new student at school, the milquetoast worried about the first day of school trying not to draw attention to himself.

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